Agency / DAVID The Agency
Client / Budweiser
Project / A Little Help from a Bud

/ Cannes Lions Silver OOH

Online dating use to be an innocent and fun way to meet new people, but with 10% of sex offenders using online dating apps, women (mostly) can easily be put in harm's way. With most of these dates happening at bars, Budweiser wanted to do something to create a safer environment for women. So we went to bars and installed a series of posters that spoke directly to women who faced potential danger. The posters had a code that could be personalized by each bar for women to discreetly ask for help. There wasn't any press about this. We didn't reach out to a PR firm to help us get "buzz." We just did it because it felt right. And that earned the idea a silver Lion.


Client / Budweiser
Project / NBA The Undrafted

/ Clio / Bronze / Sports Film

During the 1988 NBA draft, John Starks went undrafted. He was a loser. But he took that opportunity to prove himself more than he ever had in the past. That determination and fight earned him a spot on the New York Knicks. From there he went to not only break the 3-point shooting record, he also posterized Michael Jordan. So much so that Michael Jordan specifically told us we couldn't use his image or a video of that nasty dunk in this spot because he is still embarrassed by it to this day. We decided to use John Starks story to spark drive for the players who went undrafted in the 2018 draft and reinforce the "hard way" mentality of Budweiser. The spot aired immediately following the NBA draft on ESPN. You may notice that Mr. Starks is a much better athlete than an actor. SofieMelusi, and the rest of the creative team are ok with that. 

Client / Budweiser
Project / For The Fathers Who Stepped Up

Press / Today / People / Fox News / Adweek / USA Today

“I'm gonna need a beer after watching this.” – Jack Flash, YouTube commenter
Being a father takes a lot. Being a stepfather sometimes takes even more. For Father’s Day, we created a film for Budweiser that toasts the stepfathers who have stepped up to become the father that their stepchildren never had. In the film, a few stepchildren surprise their stepfathers by asking to be adopted and make it official. Congratulations to Mark, Paul, and Randal on their first official Father’s Day.